Worcester Virtual High Street

I have joined the Facebook Group Worcester Virtual High Street in a bid to get more sales of photo products. You can see the group here

It is attracting lots of Worcestershire based small businesses who want to get a bigger audience for their products and services and like me cannot afford a shop in Worcester.

Why not have a look as the Group has been active for 2 days and has 80+ members already.

Deceptive Angle

On a trip to the Lake District two years ago I came across this scene. At first glance it looked as though someone had installed a bench in the prefect spot to look out over Lake Windermere.

However once you sat on the bench it wasn’t so good as the tree was directly in front of you and you could only see a small amount of lake to the left and right.

Please don’t chop the tree down but do move the bench!

Images Of Italy

With plenty of time on my hands its been a worthwhile exercise going through old photos as I have found some interesting scenes from our visit to Italy a long time ago.

I have uploaded them onto the Redbubble shop in case there are any Italian Restaurants out there looking for soft furnishing ideas!

Click here to see more Italy images